Bunge Foundation - Edition 46 • Year 6 - January/February 2009 - Jornal Cidadania
Jornal Cidadania

Jornal Cidadania • Edition 46 • Year 6 - January/February 2009

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Combating invasive species

During the summer, Brazil remains on the alert to contain the aedes aegypti, the vector of the dengue virus

A milestone on the road to unification

The Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement tightens the cultural links between the signatory countries – Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and East Timor

A new vision of mankind’s heritage

Unesco has broadened the concept of mankind’s heritage, believing that it will only be possible to protect the environment by means of incentive policies and international vigilance.

Seoul, reformulating public space

The 21st century will be dedicated to fixing the damage we did to our urban and rural landscape during the 20th century

Bonito: a Brazilian town with a vocation for conscious tourism

The search for natural attractions has led droves of tourists to national parks worldwide

This edition was published in 13 de March de 2009 with 6 articles on the Jornal Cidadania's page.

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