Bunge Foundation - Edition 49 • Year 6 - July / August 2009 - Jornal Cidadania
Jornal Cidadania

Jornal Cidadania • Edition 49 • Year 6 - July / August 2009

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Protecting global goods

An international association of local and international governments and organizations, Iclei or Local Governments for Sustainability, was founded in 1990 at the United Nations world headquarters in New York.

Reviewing what it means to be mad

Our unloved mad brothers. This is the translation of the one of the chapter headings of the book “O circo do desespero” (The circle of despair), written by the journalist Audálio Dantas.

From the crime pages to the world of comic books

He started off working for five years as a crime reporter for the São Paulo newspaper Folha da Manhã

The anti-mental asylum movement

A fight lasting more than two decades

Society is slow in reacting

Society is slow in reacting. In September, Brazil’s Maria da Penha Law, which classifies domestic and family violence as a crime, celebrated three years of existence.

This edition was published in 23 de July de 2009 with 6 articles on the Jornal Cidadania's page.

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