Bunge Foundation - Edition 55 • Year 7 - July / August 2010 - Jornal Cidadania
Jornal Cidadania

Jornal Cidadania • Edition 55 • Year 7 - July / August 2010

Great Expectations Great Expectations

living with HIV / AIDS

Fourteen years ago, access to antiretrovirals brought about a revolution in the life of children and adolescents with HIV in the country. A look at the new reality of a generation that finally has the chance to dream

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Interview with Cláudia Fonseca e Marilúcio Bottallo [exclusive]

See the interview with museologist Marilúcia Bottallo, coordinator of the Bunge Memory Center and historian Claudia Fonseca, responsible for corporate memory projects of big companies such as Votorantim and Petrobras.

Interview with Joice Genaro [exclusive]

Architect Joice Genaro, one of the founders of Community Architects (see article in Citizenship 55), advocates that the development of an architectural design plan for low-income community housing is not only possible, but necessary. See the interview.

World Cup in Brazil: Time to Turn the Game Around

In 1950, Brazil hosted its first World Cup. The event had more political than financial impact (not to mention the emotional impact of the defeat, “our Hiroshima,” according to Brazilian author Nelson Rodrigues)

Constructed Lives

Architects Joice Genaro and Daniela Zacardi met each other at COHAB/Campinas (Campinas Popular Housing Company), working with slum urbanization projects and land ownership legalization. Together, they began to think of ways to use their profession to improve people’s lives further.

Good Time for Health

With a program capable of forecasting the number of hospital admissions that will occur in the next few days, a researcher creates an important tool for public health in the country

Does your company’s memory exist?

Understand why your company’s past and accumulated knowledge have strategic value for the future

The War for the Amazon

Biologist argues that the country should employ more scientists in the Amazon, if it wants to ensure sovereignty over the region. “Whoever produces the best information will win this war.”

This edition was published in 14 de July de 2010 with 8 articles on the Jornal Cidadania's page.

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