Bunge Foundation - Edition 56 • Year 7 - September / October 2010 - Jornal Cidadania
Jornal Cidadania

Jornal Cidadania • Edition 56 • Year 7 - September / October 2010

Separation after Childbirth Separation after Childbirth

human rights

Until today, most of the women in prison with small children have to say goodbye to their babies after six months of breastfeeding. But this reality can change.

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Books that Bring Light

Ten years ago, visiting the small community of Vila do Céu, on Marajó Island, in the state of Pará, three friends refused to accept the scarcity of cultural equipment in this corner of the planet, where natural riches are so abundant.

The Ballot Box and the Voice of the People

On January 1st, 2011, the 17th president elected by direct vote will occupy the Planalto Palace.

Bridging distances

Vivian Rubia Ferreira is one of those in charge of the Institutional Development Area of Vaga Lume Association, which creates libraries and trains reading mediators in deprived communites of the Brazilian Legal Amazon. Here she tells a little more about the effort.

Avoiding Unnecessary Deaths

See excerpts from the interview with psychiatrist Bruno Mendonça Coêlho, on suicidal behavior and the ABP (Brazilian Association of Psychiatry) campaign to prevent the problem, which were not published in the print version of Cidadania.

Suicide Is Not an Option

Psychiatrist says that mental illness is behind nearly all suicides. “It should not be taboo, and has nothing to do with guilt”

Memory Building

Museums preserving the memory of human groups that helped to build the country speak to 21st-century visitors

Facing the Black Tide

Brazilian researchers promise a more efficient solution for removing oil from the ocean in case of spills

This edition was published in 14 de September de 2010 with 8 articles on the Jornal Cidadania's page.

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