Bunge Foundation - Edition 57 • Year 7 - November / December 2010 - Jornal Cidadania
Jornal Cidadania

Jornal Cidadania • Edition 57 • Year 7 - November / December 2010

Where Everyone Has a Chance Where Everyone Has a Chance

Experts stress the importance of public squares and parks in the consolidation of the city as a diversified and democratic environment

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Brilliant Minds

Recipients of the 55th Bunge Foundation Awards talk about their projects in the areas of Public Health/Preventive Medicine and Forest Sciences.

Opening the Doors of Perception [exclusive]

Gabriela Aidar, coordinator of the Social/Cultural Inclusion Program (PISC) of São Paulo’s Pinacoteca Museum, gives us more details on Art Education without Walls

Street Artists

The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo’s Pinacoteca Museum) gives street people the opportunity to do art and regain their self-esteem

Singing, Listening, Connecting

How telling stories can get the narrator to feel closer to the listener, book readers, youths in the job market, and children in the real world

Marine Archaeology

A discipline that specifically studies any underwater remains of human activity such as shipwrecks, which constitute the underwater cultural heritage

Volunteering: The Benefits of Doing Good

“No man is an island, entire of itself,” wrote the English poet John Donne in 1624.

This edition was published in 24 de November de 2010 with 7 articles on the Jornal Cidadania's page.

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