Bunge Foundation - Edition 60 • Year 8 - May/June 2011 - Jornal Cidadania
Jornal Cidadania

Jornal Cidadania • Edition 60 • Year 8 - May/June 2011

The Right to Copy The Right to Copy


In the current debate on Copyright Law Reform, both sides are in pursuit of the same objective: Brazilian culture

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No one needs a car to be happy

Interview with Willian Cruz, cycling activist and editor of the site http://vadebike.org, about how to use bikes to contribute to urban development in the big Brazilian cities. Statement given to Afonso Capelas, Jr. via e-mail.

A threat that might never end

Interview with Renato Opice Blum, expert and pioneer in the area of digital law in the country, on cyberbullying, an issue dealt with in the print edition of Cidadania 60. Interview by Bruna Cabral

The Amazon Has the Right to Exist

Read the interview with João Meirelles Filho, author of the book Grandes Expedições à Amazônia Brasileira 1500—1930 [Great Expeditions to the Brazilian Amazon: 1500—1930] (Metalivros, 2009), a book discussed in the print edition of Cidadania 60. Interview by Alexandre Bandeira via e-mail

“Cities are for people, not cars”

Cycling activist has seen the pro-bicycle movement grow as a healthful, efficient and sustainable means of transportation

When medicine becomes poison

Project for conscious discarding warns of the dangers of throwing drugs and empty drug packaging in the regular trash

Flawed heroes

A book brings back the conquests, vices and virtues of explorers, the so-called bandeirantes, expedition members and hinterland explorers of the Brazilian Amazon


The practice of threatening, humiliating and harassing people through technological platforms such as cell phones and computers. Although bullying definitions vary, all of them have in common the intention to cause damage and repetition (isolated incidents would not be treated as a case of bullying). The same applies to cyberbullying.

The evolution of weather forecasting: from Aristotle to Tupã

Since the beginning of the year, Tupã has helped the Brazilian National Space Research Institute (INPE) improve weather forecasting in Brazil. This is the name of the supercomputer that is going to make more accurate weather forecasts with more advanced warnings.

This edition was published in 18 de May de 2011 with 9 articles on the Jornal Cidadania's page.

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