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Bunge Memory Center

Bunge Memory Center

Bunge Memory Center

On August 16 the Bunge Memory Center celebrate 16 years of activities. It is a pioneer in the preservation and dissemination of corporate memory.

Its preservation activities are aimed at contributing to the formulation and review of great historical issues. It also has an important role as a strategic management tool and falls in line with Fundação Bunge's principles as a promoter of the company's relationship with civil society.

It is one of Brazil's largest corporate collections. It tells the history of industry and the ag business in the nation, along with architecture, design, marketing and advertising. There are over 600 thousand images, 1,300 cartons with assorted documents, 3 thousand audiovisual pieces and 100 hours of testimonies. Part of the collection can be accessed at the Fundação Bunge site: http://acervo.fundacaobunge.org.br:8080/Index.asp

The Center also promotes debates, cultural diffusion and educational actions with activities such as research services, preservation workshops, thematic exhibits, integration of new supporters and assistance to other companies interested in organizing their own memory centers. An added action is 'Jornadas Culturais' (Cultural Treks), free-of-charge presentations and workshops on the techniques for preservation and dissemination of historic material.

The Bunge Memory Center serves as proof that valuing identity and local culture is an element as important to sustainability as the economy, the environment and social organization.

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