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The Bunge Foundation's first initiative, the Bunge Foundation Award, was created in 1955, as a way to encourage innovation and the dissemination of knowledge. It is granted annually to outstanding persons in different branches of sciences, literature and the arts in the country in two categories:

  • "Life and Work",in recognition of the consolidated life work of an expert;
  • "Youth", which recognizes new talent.

Candidates are not enrolled, but recommended by representatives of universities and cultural and scientific organizations. A Technical Commission, comprised of experts in each award category, screens professionals in each field of knowledge, and forwards recommendations for decision by the Grand Jury. In the case of new talent, the Technical Commission selects directly those honored each year.

The Grand Jury, composed of representatives from scientific and cultural organizations, university and college presidents and government ministers, headed by the president of the São Paulo State Court of Justice, is responsible for selecting the winners in the "Life and Work" category. Since its creation, 159 people have received awards.

Consult the rules for the Bunge Foundation Award.

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Award Winners

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The 2010 Edition

In 2010 the Fundação Bunge Awards, in their 55th edition, will honor four Brazilians in the areas of Public Health/Preventive Medicine and Forest Sciences.

Besides a certificate and a medal, each winner in the category ?Life and Work? will receive 100 thousand reals and those in the category ?Youth? will be awarded 40 thousand reals each.

Award nominees will be suggested by major Brazilian universities and scientific/cultural entities beginning in the month of April.

The Fundação Bunge Awards International Seminary and the awards ceremony will take place in October.