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Maurício Matos Peixoto

Area: Exact and Technological Sciences - Mathematics

Year: 1969

Award: Bunge Foundation

Synthesis: The theorem of Maurício Matos Peixoto (1921) on the structural stability in two-dimensional [2D] varieties inspired the mathematician S. Smale to create the general theory of dynamic systems. This theorem, developed between the late 50’s and early 60’s, is the most famous part of the scientific production of Mr. Matos Peixoto, that is, the global theory of differential equations. The problem of passing through two points for second-order ordinary differential equations, in which this researcher’s contribution is worth mentioning in the theme of generalized convexities, is another of his matters of focus.

In recent studies, Messrs. Matos Peixoto and R. Thom threw the bases of the enumerative theory of a problem which had repercussions in differential geometry and arithmetics. This research gave rise to a true school of mathematics in Brazil.