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Bunge Foundation Award 2014

Bunge Foundation Award 2014

In 2014, the Bunge Foundation Award, in its 59th edition, awards professionals connected to Sustainable Agricultural Productivity, in the area of Agricultural Sciences, and Circus Arts, in the area of the Arts.

In addition to a certificate and medal, award winners in the "Life and Work" category will receive R$135,000 in prize money and those in the "Youth" category will be awarded R$50,000, during a ceremony held in the city of São Paulo on September 22.

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Nominations - Award nominees do not register, they are nominated by the main Brazilian universities and scientific and cultural organizations. The period for nominations runs from April to May.

Announcement of the Award Winners - On July 25, the Grand Jury, with close to 50 members, including university presidents and presidents of scientific and cultural organizations, will announce the 2014 award winners.

Award Presentation Ceremony - The presentation ceremony will take place on September 22, at the Bandeirantes Palace, in the city of São Paulo.

International Seminar - On September 23, the Bunge Foundation, in partnership with the State of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), will hold an International Seminar on Sustainable Agricultural Productivity. In the seminar, experts promote exhibitions and discussions on the advances made in this area.